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Thread: How to dominate a man?

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    Question How to dominate a man?

    My husband has been dropping not so subtle hints that he'd like to be dominated and for me to dress up as a mistress in leather etc.

    I'm not quite sure where to start! Can anyone offer any advice?

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    There are many ways you can dominate your man and I'm assuming that as you're asking this question, you've not really done it before and that this is a bedroom scenario rather than a desire to dominate your man in everyday life and therefore establish a "female dominant" relationship.

    The basics are really rather simple. It all starts with a mental shift. When you get into the bedroom and you want to dominate him, you have to start thinking of him as your plaything. He's there to pleasure you and submit to your whim. You're not dominating him for his enjoyment or thrill, you're going to do it because you're the superior sex and he is there to worship you.

    You can start this before you even get to the bedroom by emailing him at work (or text him if that's a bit more secure, you never know who's reading corporate emails!) and tell him that for the entirety of the evening from the moment he gets home, he's going to be your sex slave and must do everything you tell him, when you tell him. Disobedience or less than enthusiastic approach or response to your commands will result in punishment (spanking, whip, something humilating like being used as a foot stool for 30 minutes whilst you watch Corrie, that sort of thing).

    The second thing to bear in mind is this. He wants your body. You're not going to let him have it. If you do, it's going to be bloody hard fought for!

    Tell him he's got to cook you dinner naked whilst you sit in front of the tv, scantily clad. Show off your body but don't let him touch it. If he's got 10 minutes to spare in between dinner cooking and serving out, tell him to kneel before you and massage your feet. If you really want to tease him and show him what a sexual goddess of sensual delight you are, part your thighs and masturbate as he rubs your feet. Don't let him play though, this is all part of the domination that you're planting in his head.

    When you eventually get into the bedroom, well, the world's your oyster. Have him pleasure you but do it in a way that makes him ask for permission to do so. For example, sit him on the bed and stand in front of him and rub your breasts and nipples. Ask him whether he likes what he sees (inevitably it'll be "yes"). Then ask him if he wants to touch your breasts, again the answer will probably be yes. But, make him ask nicely. If he just asks to touch your breasts, eg "Can I touch your breasts please?" Demand that he address you as "Mistress".

    Get the idea? Move on from there, lay on the bed and command him to pleasure you orally.

    All you're really doing is taking the power and making him ask for permission to make you feel good. His servitude will arouse him and please him that he's allowed to please you.

    From there on in, you can do the usual basic domination stuff such as spanking him if he's not done a good job going down on you (hell, spank him anyway and tell him he needs to do better even if it was the best oral you've ever had).

    You can get a whip, leather basque and all that sort of stuff but if you're just starting out, the flat back of a spatula from the kitchen makes a good improvised paddle or just use your hand.

    It's what he wants and he'll adore you for taking control and leading him by the nose.

    Mistress Tina has an excellent post on orgasm denial which is a fantastic combo of techniques that'll have your husband begging for more and have you feeling like a Goddess ;-)

    Happy dominating.

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